If you haven't noticed, you get along better with people who like music the same amount as you. Take the 3-minute Music Personality quiz. Your result tells the compatibility system which members you'll get along with the best.

Take your Music Personality To Go. Find meaningful relationships in unexpected places.

Display your Music Personality badge on your email signature, blog or social network profile and find your Sound Matches all over the web.
Take the quiz, and get your badge here.

Look for the green notes next to each of your matches. A 4-note match means you have the highest likelihood of compatibility. Listen to music from member profiles. Exchange music emails to break the ice. It's free.

= highest likelihood of compatibility
= it's risky

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1. Why music?
2. The process
3. Who am I?
4. The research
5. Now what?

Discover and play music for free from a catalog of 5 million songs. 400,000+ albums. 250,000+ artists. (courtesy of Rhapsody)

Not single? Fine with us. If it’s not so fine with your significant other, you won’t show up in search results until you enter your birthday. Just indicate you want “music recommendations & friendship” in your profile.

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Why music?

Music is everywhere. We all share the common experience of music.

But we don't all like the same music or respond to it in the same way.

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The process

If you like U2, do you relate to everyone who likes U2?   Doubtful.

This service isn't about matching people who both like the same band.

A Sound Match is about matching people who have a similar appreciation for music. Look around. Can you see that you get along better with people who like music the same amount as you? (It is not important that you listen to or like the same music.)

See our compatibility indicator.

Of course, the music we like to listen to is important. You will post music to your profile. Visitors of your page can play the music for free and vice versa. Get to know each other's tastes. You are likely to discover new music you will love.

You could get a 4-note match (high likelihood) with someone who likes different music than you. Don't fret. Your 3-4 note matches are on your wavelength. They experience the world in a similar way as you, and so you have a better chance of getting along.

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Who am I and how this all started

I am in love with music. I listen often and my tastes are wide-ranging. And, I am a lifelong student of social science.

I worked in the music business for most of my career. Those years gave me the chance to closely observe a variety of music personalities. The day after an awful date (with a man who listened only to 80's hair bands), I was convinced that music could predict compatibility and I set out to prove my theory.

I noticed dramatic differences in personality between people who were passionate about music versus people who were in the music business just for the glamour of it, and who did not listen to music in their free time. Then, I took a look at the connection I had with these people. It quickly became clear that I got along much better with people who like music as much as I do, and that my connection was a lot weaker with people who didn't much care for music.

Being single, I also did a lot of "field testing," meaning I began to closely examine the music lifestyle of the men I dated to see how well we got along and how connected I felt. Eventually, before I would consider making a first date, I asked the guy to take the quiz (in the name of social science). If our compatibility ranking did not score 3 or 4 notes (a high or good likelihood of compatibility, according to my system), I bowed out of the date whenever possible. Before long, I stopped having bad dates. When I began only to date men who shared my interest in music and a high compatibility score, it didn't matter if I felt no romantic spark on the first date. I still had fun and felt my time was well spent.

The conclusion was clear: music plays a big role in predicting how well two people will get along for the long-term.

And, I found that listening to the same music is NOT essential for a couple to get along; rather, their enthusiasm for music needs to be similar.

At the very least, music is bad-date repellent.   At most, it might help you find a healthy, loving relationship with someone who brings out your best. Take the quiz.

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The research

Many years ago I began collecting music quiz results from couples. Repeatedly, I saw a correlation between the couples' test scores and the strength of their relationships.

Couples who scored closer together had the strongest relationships. Over 85% of the time, couples in healthy, long-term relationships scored within a 10% range of one another.

Over 15 years has gone into R&D, also testing and refining the tools that can identify and match Music Personalities. I have quizzed, interviewed and observed thousands of couples. I have yet to meet a couple who models relationship happiness who have opposing interests in music. Try it for yourself.

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Now what?

Take the quiz. Give yourself a head start in finding someone who "gets" you.

Check out profiles and listen to the music of your matches. I hope you like how it resonates.

At a minimum, enjoy discovering new music.

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A Sound Match is a relationship compatibility system and dating service using a music quiz to reveal music personality and predict compatibility. The purpose is to match people who bring out the best in each other.