What caused this music-matching madness?

Shyness. As a kid, I spent more time watching people than interacting with them. I was fascinated by my classmates’ behavior and why certain kids became friends. Needless to say, my after school schedule wasn’t bursting with playdates.

As I entered the world of teenage romance, what made couples get together and break apart became even more fascinating. I wanted experiences of my own, so I worked hard to nix the shyness. By then, I’d become a pro at figuring out what made people tick. I was proud to be the “to go” friend — the first one that my friends would approach for advice on how to handle irate parents, cute boys or catty girls.

At 16, I developed a crush on a boy who loved The Doors and played in a band. He became my first love and we dated for over 5 years. The seed for A Sound Match was planted.

I don’t have a formal psychology education. But, I have been a lifelong student of people in relationships.  For a long time, I’ve successfully helped people navigate through their relationships.   And… I’ve got 20+ years of my own dating and relationship experiences.

I believe everyone is entitled to have a healthy, loving, respectful and passionate romantic relationship. And, from what I’ve seen, I know most people simply don’t have the tools to know it when they see it or handle it when they find it.

When I discovered my “bad date repellent” formula — that music was an excellent predictor of compatibility — I felt driven to validate my music theory and help single people find healthy relationships. When I first learned about online dating, it became clear that I’d found the perfect venue in which to sing the praises of A Sound Match.

It’s taken a lot of time and work to develop and refine the music test to accurately reflect overall personality. I wanted to create an online dating experience unlike any other, one that inspires a fun, vibrant community of people sharing music and their life stories. It’s tempting to revert back to my shy days, but instead, I’ll share my dating tales and first-time entrepreneurial adventures. I’ll do this so that you can see the evolution of A Sound Match and how music can help you find your sound match.




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    very interesting, but I don’t agree with you