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“We Need to Talk”

The “We Need to Talk” division of A Sound Match helps you manage your dates, significant others and all kinds of personal relationships with practical tips and advice.

The “How To Say It” Series suggests how to start a difficult conversation calmly and walk away feeling relieved.

The first minute of a difficult conversation can make or break it.

If you have a difficult conversation to start, like declining a date, breaking off a new relationship or asking for better sex from your significant other, take a few minutes to prepare your opening monologue. Being considerate can win you the outcome you want.

Talking points prepared with compassion reduce the defensive reflex in the other person, making it possible to hear your words over the white noise that usually rings when a threat is sensed.

The benefits?
You feel relieved. You both feel respected. Usually, you two experience mutual understanding and a deeper connection.

Use talking points as morsels of self-compassion — to ease your nerves and make it much easier to start and finish a difficult conversation.