The Sucky/Lucky List

I have wanted to write about the insanity and thrill of creating a small empire — a happy realm in which music helps people find healthy, meaningful relationships, among other things.

But, until the drug companies release the product for cloning and budding more body parts, I am forced to create the simplest methods to get stuff done.  

Enter the Sucky/Lucky List.

I wouldn’t think to mention it. But, a bunch of friends think it’s funny and they’ve also encouraged me to share the wealth. So, here.

It’s a sheet of paper with 2 columns, one entitled “Sucky,” the other “Lucky.” Complex, I know. Each week, I record the significant experiences – both sucky and lucky – that result from trying to move forward the business, the web service, and my life.

What pushed me to create this particular list?  Because, I was letting my sucky experiences overshadow the lucky ones – which is clearly not conducive to forging ahead as a new business. There have been times when a sucky experience has knocked the wind out of my sails so hard that I felt temporarily paralyzed and unable to trust my next steps.

I needed inspiration, something at hand to remind me that I am making progress, that I do have support and that I am reaching my milestones. Beyond my expectation, this list delivered even more.

Without exception, every single week (going on 17 weeks now), the LUCKY list outnumbers and outweighs the SUCKY list. And, I bet the same thing would happen for you.

This list forces me to see that the choice is mine when it comes to letting the sucky have more power over the lucky. This list forces me to see and feel proud of the progress I have made, no matter where it takes me tomorrow. The list puts the wind back into my sails.

And, the Sucky/Lucky List offers the perfect solution for quickly memorializing the evolution of A Sound Match … or for any life experience to remember.

Maybe it’s time to change the title and start calling it what it is:

The Lucky List.



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  1. gok wang
    Posted November 14, 2007 at 8:15 am | Permalink

    want a proper lucky sucky table for all universitys please.