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I got more out of a few coaching sessions with Lynne than I did from years of therapy.  Not only did she help me clarify a vision of where I wanted to be, she helped me identify and work through– with compassion – my self-defeating patterns such as perfectionism.  Especially key was her help with taking concrete steps to meet my goals.  It turns out that getting what you want means asking for things, getting clarification and redefining relationships – in short, a series of cringeworthy conversations – and this is where Lynne has really impacted my life.  Her approach to difficult conversations make these talks so much less intimidating, and at times even enjoyable!  She helped me to network for my dream job and to negotiate a higher salary.  I have so much less fear around difficult conversations thanks to Lynne.”

Mia S. PhD, Los Angeles, CA


“Lynne has helped me take difficult conversations head-on to create massive value for all parties involved.  Her process has allowed me to see my unique strengths, leverage and most importantly, OPTIONS.  Armed with these skills and her warm coaching, I’ve been able to produce remarkable results at the negotiating table for various opportunities.  If massive upside is on the other side of a difficult conversation – Lynne is your secret weapon!”

– Eddie R. Washington D.C.


“You should be a zen coach.”

– An anonymous, hi-tech VP in Silicon Valley who is frustrated that she still has not received the formal job offer that is supposedly coming her way after two-plus months of interviews and follow-ups at one company.

“I met Lynne through business and by the end of our first meeting I was easily sharing my concerns with her, about my business and personal life. She listens and asks good questions. I can be a bit insensitive when it comes to saying the right thing in a delicate situation. Lynne has a knack for suggesting how to approach conversations so they do not end in premature disaster!”

– Mike P. San Francisco, CA

“Lynne was the first non-family/friend that I opened up to, just a few days after a difficult break-up. She made it very easy to open up, and seemed to know the right questions to ask to get to the core of what was going on. She was also incredibly insightful into how actions and words are perceived in relationships.

Lynne was instrumental in getting me back in touch with my ex, so that at least we had some straightforward communication, that had previously been missing. I was able to practice talking with Lynne, and receive unbiased feedback.

Finally, Lynne was a comforting shoulder to cry on, while her positive outlook helped me keep things in perspective. I benefited greatly from my time with her, and would confidently send a friend in need her way.”

– Doug M. San Francisco, CA

“Lynne has become a cherished resource to me over the years. She is a counselor, sounding board, and coach (professional or spiritual, whichever is needed in the moment). Besides the great advice or framing she is able to offer on whatever the subject, it just feels good to talk with her. Her listening skills are impeccable, and she communicates clearly, honestly, and with a true desire to connect and help to the extent she is able. I treasure her help and presence in my life.”

– Marla K., Alameda, CA

“Lynne does not shy away from tough problems or conflicts, but helps approach them in a peaceful, result-oriented manner.

Over ten years ago, when I met Lynne she had an immediate presense and sense of serentiy. Lynne has served as a mentor, sounding board, and “guru” on a wide variety of subjects— from personal relationships, to business matters, to health and well being problems. She listens without judging, but offers immediate, thoughtful and well-delivered feedback.”

– Scott M. Boston, MA

“I have been working with Lynne as my Life Coach for about three years now. I know that when I am feeling stuck and I need help that she is the one I want to speak to. She has helped me move through some of the most challenging times of my life.

Lynne is a very good listener, she is present and meticulous in her manner. And, she has great problem solving skills and comes with a tool box of techniques on her hip to help with a variety of different problems.

When I need clarity and guidance, she is the one I want to call ….and I do! Thank you Lynne.”

– Elizabeth S. Marblehead, MA

“Lynne’s insight and thoughtfulness are inherent qualities that cannot be taught and have long been her calling card.

I can say without hesitation that she is truly one of the great listeners I have ever encountered. The understanding, sensitivity and general desire to help in any way she can is something I can count on.

Whether it be as a sounding board or as a partner charting a course of action, Lynne is always up to the challenge and she consistently provides the support, encouragement and, at times, gentle nudging one needs to move forward into unchartered waters. If you are someone that could benefit from talking to a person who will take the time to listen, offer sage advice and who “gets it,” I would recommend taking a few minutes to talk with Lynne. It is time well spent.”

– Jon L. Boston, MA

“Lynne is the first person I call when I feel stuck or alone. Whether it’s a minor issue I can’t get past or a larger career, relationship or existential issue, she has a way of getting to the heart of the matter. After talking to Lynne, I always feel relieved for being heard, comforted by her boundless compassion and left with a renewed hope for my situation which had seemed so overwhelming. With her combination of caring and insight, she’s my wise goddess and big sister.”

– Mia S. Seattle, WA

“When times get rough and I get stuck in a rut, Lynne offers the perfect mix of sensitivity and prodding to help me figure out what to do next.”

– Scott H. San Francisco, CA

“Lynne has been an invaluable asset in helping me to set realistic career goals. She knows what questions to ask and how to ask them. The result has kept me focused on advancing my career without compromising my personal integrity.”

– Heather O. San Francisco

“My business was at a crossroads. I was paralyzed by the decision of whether to cut my losses and give up my dream, or take a big risk and try to grow. Lynne helped me cut through all the clutter that kept blocking my view. Just a good, clear perspective, from someone who was able to see all the angles, then focus on what really matters to me.”

– Robert W. Everett, MA