Perfect Stovetop Popcorn. A Tip for Lean Times.

My ideas are fighting each other for attention.  For a long time now I have wanted to write about a variety of issues like explaining my compatibility system, addressing  relationship issues (mine and yours), getting a startup off the ground, and how to feel good despite conditions you wish were different.  I can’t decide between them so I let them all go in favor of the mantra “be here now.”

Despite all the mental activity, my life has been quite simple.  For the last three years, I have been self-funding A Sound Match. When resources are limited you do a lot less. My relationship to consumerism has entirely changed.  I do not buy a thing unless I absolutely need it.  I never dine out (unless graciously taken by a friend).  I don’t buy tickets to events which has killed my ability to see live music. So that I don’t go insane living in a world of deprivation, I find enjoyment in the little things while also perfecting my resourcefulness.  There is always another way to get what you want, like good popcorn.

A bummer about having no discretionary funds is being unable to treat someone you like or buy gifts for the people you love or decline a dinner invitation because you can’t contribute. 

I can’t give expensive gifts.  But I can give tips for living lean that have helped me ward off feeling deprived.  I have accumulated them over several years of receiving no salary while living alone in San Francisco, an expensive city. This tip is my recent favorite. More to follow.

Tip #1:  Perfect Stovetop Organic Popcorn

Requires three ingredients.  Costs maybe 35 cents for a heaping bowl of popcorn for two. Prep time is around 5 minutes.  Equipment needed is a medium to large-sized pot with a lid.

Ingredients: 1/4 cup Organic popcorn, 2-3 tbls Organic Olive Oil, pinch of Sea Salt

Heat the uncovered pot on medium-high heat.   Pour in oil, heat for a 10 seconds, swirling around the oil to fully cover bottom of pot.  Throw in four (4) corn kernels.  Attach the lid.   Every 15-20 seconds, shake the pot.  Listen carefully.

After you hear all four kernels pop, remove lid, pour in remaining corn with a pinch of salt (to your liking).  Shake the pot so the salt and oil are evenly distributed around the corn.  Attach lid.

Shake the covered pot every 10 seconds.  It won’t take long before you hear the corn popping, and when you do, shake the pot continuously or every 5 seconds or so.   Once three seconds pass without hearing a pop, remove from heat.

Open the lid AWAY from your face.  Enjoy.


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  1. smallerdemon
    Posted October 8, 2008 at 8:26 pm | Permalink

    :) Mmmm… popcorn. I love the stuff, and popped in a kettle and not the stupid microwave. I don’t really understand microwave popcorn AT ALL. It’s SO easy to make wonderful, tasty popcorn in a kettle.