“How To Say It” Series

The “We Need to Talk” division of A Sound Match helps you manage your dates, significant others and all kinds of personal relationships with practical tips and advice.

The “How To Say It” Series suggests how to calmly start a difficult conversation and walk away feeling relieved.

Intimidated by an upcoming talk?

Make your approach, armed with phrases suggested by me, Lynne, the person who created A Sound Match to help you get together … and stay together.

The suggestions are time-tested, based on relationship scenarios with people like you who have been calling me for years to get calm before, during, and after the storm — with excellent results. [read testimonials here]

Possible scenarios in the series:

  • How to gracefully decline a second date
  • How to breakup an early stage relationship
  • How to ask for better sex
  • How to resolve important relationship issues
  • How to talk to your boss about troubling matters
  • … and more


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