How To Say It: Dating Someone New – The Break It Off Talk

The Issue:

You have been out a few times and you like this person. Unfortunately, the romantic spark isn’t there for you. But, you like the idea of becoming friends.

The Opener:

“I am glad to be spending time with you. I like the easy connection we have. And,

Get In It (3 options):

  1. “I wish I felt differently about our romantic connection but it’s not showing up for me. And, I would like to hang out more and become better friends if you are up for that.
  2. I see you as someone who is important in my life. And, I see our connection as platonic rather than romantic. So, I’d like to keep talking/hanging out, if you are comfortable with that.
  3. I’d like it if we could transition from dating into a deep friendship. I still want to hang out with you and get to know you better…”

Close It:

“So, I hope you want to become better friends. If you are not comfortable with it, I will understand. What do you think?”


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