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I help professionals speak up for themselves and get what they want without confrontation.

My program combines traditional life coaching and training on how to initiate and hold difficult conversations. It uses the same negotiation and conversation techniques I rely on as an attorney and mediator and have incorporated into my daily life.  

Stop avoiding uncomfortable conversations and start getting what you want by learning these powerful skills and using them every day.

Need immediate help? Get coaching on-demand.

Do you have an urgent need for help with a quickly approaching negotiation or other high-stakes conversation?  We can schedule a Super Power Session to happen within 72 hours of your request.  See below for details.

Helping my clients achieve professional goals they believed were out of reach or improve situations they feared could never change has been thrilling!

Steven’s Story

Steven, a young professional in small business finance, requested consulting to address speaking with a difficult boss to ask to advance his position within the organization. Teaching Steven negotiation fundamentals and coaching him on his values and professional goals produced the results he was hoping for and also a few pleasant surprises. He received:

  • An offer from his current employer for a promotion and a raise because of the relaxed and clear communication he now had with his boss.  
  • Clarity around his overall aspirations and values, leading him to immediately identify a job and organization that might suit him better than his current job. Within two weeks of starting his search, he was offered a new job.
  • An ideal compensation package for this new job after he and I worked through the process of negotiating the deal.

This program has proven to align people with their professional purpose and instill confidence in their ability to negotiate most desirable terms.

The program is for you if:

  • You have been running way from conversations that stand in the way of living life on your terms.
  • You need an advocate behind-the-scenes to guide you through a difficult conversation or negotiation.
  • You have never been taught the art and science of persuasive communication.
  • You feel ready to speak up and transform your life.

Results you can expect:

  • Confidence to initiate and hold a high-stakes difficult conversation or negotiation
  • Training in the mechanics and fundamentals of difficult conversations and negotiation
  • Successful transition from being “conflict avoidant” to being able to confront without being confrontational
  • Extensive rehearsing of upcoming conversation(s) until the results you want feel achievable
  • Greater satisfaction with work and personal relationships. Live your most meaningful life.

The program is called “Speak Up. Get What You Want Without Confrontation.”  

An example of one package:

  • Five (5) 1-hour coaching sessions
  • Two (2) 15-minute laser coaching calls/month, when needed
  • Priority unlimited email support
  • Simulations of upcoming conversations. During each session, we roleplay/rehearse until it feels natural and you feel confidant that you are likely to get the outcome you want
  • Customized scripts and tips for upcoming conversation(s)
  • Recordings of each session to replay as often as necessary to extract scripts and tips
  • Instructions on the mechanics of preparing, initiating and holding a difficult conversation
  • Reference materials such as a conversation reference guide and cheat sheet
  • Preparation documents
  • Pre-session preparation by me, to customize your program to meet your needs
  • Ongoing monitoring of progress to ensure you get maximum results from the program

Urgent, On-Demand Coaching — When you need help now.

Get immediate help with a “Super Power Session.”

We’ll have one 3-4 hour session (usually) that is laser-focused on your upcoming conversation and includes coaching plus customized scripts and techniques so you can enter the conversation with confidence and leave with your integrity intact and the outcome you want. 

Short check-in calls and email exchanges immediately prior to or during the negotiation process are included.


I offer a free consultation if you would like to explore how the program could benefit you. The session will help you discover the #1 thing keeping you from achieving desirable outcomes and suggest next steps you could take to get what you want.

Before asking for your time commitment, I will send a short questionnaire to assess whether the consultation would be helpful to you.

If you are ready to stop avoiding difficult conversations and start living your most meaningful life, contact me using the side bar link.  I have room for only ten clients each month to ensure that I can do my best work with every client.  

If fear of conflict holds you back from living the life you want, my program will give you the confidence you need to speak up and ask for what you want and deserve, without fear of repercussion.

See what others say about my coaching and the results they achieved.