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Music Personality Baby-Naming

Years ago, I needed a relevant way to identify the four types of music listeners that I believe exist in the world. Back then, I called them Devotees, Enthusiasts, Ambivalents and Apathetics. I suspected the latter two groups might not appreciate the name-calling, so I needed neutral names, not knowing how these labels would be […]

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Can Music Personality Predict Compatibility?

If you haven’t noticed, you get along better with people who like music the same amount as you. In my world, Music Personality defines how much you like music – not what you listen to. Take the quiz and learn your Music Personality (at A Sound Match). Four groups exist. Are you a Diamond in […]

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Perfect Stovetop Popcorn. A Tip for Lean Times.

My ideas are fighting each other for attention.  For a long time now I have wanted to write about a variety of issues like explaining my compatibility system, addressing  relationship issues (mine and yours), getting a startup off the ground, and how to feel good despite conditions you wish were different.  I can’t decide between them […]

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He’s Just Not That Into You: Personal Rules of Dating as a Guide for Doing Business

Dating is rarely straightforward.  To stay sane, I have developed strategies to help guide me through the confusion and frustration. Business should be straightforward. But it’s not. Often, I find myself tackling the same issues. Is it too soon to call? What did he mean by that? It’s been weeks, does this mean he’s not […]

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The Sucky/Lucky List

I have wanted to write about the insanity and thrill of creating a small empire — a happy realm in which music helps people find healthy, meaningful relationships, among other things. But, until the drug companies release the product for cloning and budding more body parts, I am forced to create the simplest methods to […]

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Pitching to Win. A contest or a date? Same thing.

  Yesterday, I won the first round of an elevator pitch contest at StartupNation – a national radio show and online business that serves startup businesses with information, community and support. What an eye opener. There’s not much difference between entering a contest of skill or the world of dating. Either way, you put your […]

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“What? You’re over 40 and want to breed?!?”

(What NOT to say after meeting at a speed-dating event) I finally got myself to a speed dating event last week and had a blast. I met thirteen men and had four minutes to decide if I would mark them as a “yes” on my scorecard. Let’s be clear. Four minutes is only time enough […]

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“The Date” That Pushed Me Into Epiphany

Years ago, a childhood friend of mine decided he wanted to fix me up with his doctor friends. He called me a bunch of times always prepared with the hard sell of why I should date a particular colleague of his. After hearing all the vague stats like the car he drove, where he went […]

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What caused this music-matching madness?

Shyness. As a kid, I spent more time watching people than interacting with them. I was fascinated by my classmates’ behavior and why certain kids became friends. Needless to say, my after school schedule wasn’t bursting with playdates. As I entered the world of teenage romance, what made couples get together and break apart became […]

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A Virgin

It suddenly became clear that it was time to put aside my desire to be Oz and expose myself and my progress as the founder of A Sound Match — the result of a 15-year research project that began the day after a very bad date. So, welcome to my first post of my first […]

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