Can Music Personality Predict Compatibility?

If you haven’t noticed, you get along better with people who like music the same amount as you.

In my world, Music Personality defines how much you like music – not what you listen to.

Take the quiz and learn your Music Personality (at A Sound Match). Four groups exist. Are you a Diamond in the Rough, Heart of Gold, Shining Star, or Unchained Melody?

So maybe the Music Personality monikers sound fluffy and meaningless. But their underlying meaning packs a punch.

The Music Personality & Compatibility System

The Music Personality & Compatibility System

Anywhere a person lands on the music spectrum is perfect and not important to finding a match.   What makes all the difference is where we land in relationship to others.  We want to meet people who land closest to us on the spectrum because we will have similarities that matter most for our relationships to succeed.

Diamonds in the Rough are passionate about music. They can be described by the following traits and social behaviors:

• Unconventional, resist the mainstream
• Non-conforming, more apt to take social risk
• Open to new experience, explore social unknowns
• Choose life off the beaten path, edgy

You will see less of these traits, the less a person cares for music. When you meet Unchained Melodies, who are apathetic about music (but believe otherwise), you see differences in personality between them and Diamonds in the Rough. This is how they are different…

An Unchained Melody has a hard time understanding the social, lifestyle and intellectual needs of a Diamond in the Rough.

An Unchained Melody might think that vacationing on a large cruise ship to the Caribbean is exciting and relaxing but that renting a cabina in a remote town of Costa Rica is dangerous and not worth the trek. Or, he might believe that condo living with new carpeting and square walls is sleek and comfortable but not see any charm to living in an old Victorian with slanted hardwood floors, a split bathroom and 10’ high ceilings with intricate moldings. And, Unchained Melodies might choose bestselling fiction and never wish to get past the first ten pages of a Tom Robbins book that requires suspension of disbelief, intense concentration, plus a big dose of patience for character development (all his books are worth it).

Music tells us with whom we can travel, live in housing we like, banter on the same intellectual level, discover the unknown, and more. Doesn’t it make sense that we can also use it as the readily available and effective filter to help us find the right person?

We all listen to music and have a Music Personality. Our interest in music tells the truth about us.

Take the quiz now.


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