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What caused this music-matching madness?

Shyness. As a kid, I spent more time watching people than interacting with them. I was fascinated by my classmates’ behavior and why certain kids became friends. Needless to say, my after school schedule wasn’t bursting with playdates. As I entered the world of teenage romance, what made couples get together and break apart became […]

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Adding Pictures to Your Profile

Please do! You’ll receive more responses if you post a picture of yourself. It’s just the way online dating works. Mysteriousness doesn’t cut it these days. A few people have asked how they post photos to their profiles. Here’s how: Log in … Look at the top navigation bar, click the tab “My Account” > […]

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Why don’t I have any matches?

A Sound Match is just getting started. We’re very happy to have you here. We are working at spreading the word that music matches us and hope that you will too! To increase your likelihood of getting matches, please invite everyone you know to take the 3-minute music test — it doesn’t matter if these […]

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We had plans. Why didn’t he call?

I recently received an urgent call from a friend. She wanted to reserve a time I’d be available so that we could over-analyze the behavior of a new guy she’s dating. He’s an instructor at her gym. For months, I’ve been hearing about her crush on him. She’s been “working it” with a casual flirtation […]

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“How to say it”

This category is devoted to helping singles talk to each other. Sounds simple, maybe even demeaning? Yet, I frequently hear about the trouble people have when it comes to saying what they want to say. I feel compelled to write this “column” for a few reasons. As a woman with 20+ years of dating and […]

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CONTEST! Surrender Your Bad/Bizarre Date Story (win 3 mos of Rhapsody!)

Haven’t you been on a date where you felt a mild state of shock and entrapment; frequently asking yourself “how the hell did I get here?!?” We’ve all been there. And, we all want to hear your story. The best story wins three (3) free months of Rhapsody (the best music subscription service around, if […]

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A Virgin

It suddenly became clear that it was time to put aside my desire to be Oz and expose myself and my progress as the founder of A Sound Match — the result of a 15-year research project that began the day after a very bad date. So, welcome to my first post of my first […]

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