Meet people who bring out your best.

Our relationship to music predicts our relationship to each other.

Take the free 3-minute quiz.

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Take the 3-minute Music Personality Quiz:
[Are you a Diamond in the Rough, Heart of Gold, Shining Star or Unchained Melody?]

1. Do you make time in your life to listen to music?
Yes Occasionally No

2. On average, how often do you listen to music?
Several x/day 1 x/day Few x/week
1 x/week Less than 1 x/week

3. Where do you listen to music? [Choose all that apply]
Car Home Club/Bar
Gym/Exercising At Work Bus/Train Other

1.  Rock
2.  Indie Rock
3.  Classic Rock
4.  Punk and Hardcore
5.  Metal
6.  Progressive Rock
7.  Blues
8.  R&B and Soul
9.  Folk and Traditional
10.  Garage Rock

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A Sound Match is a relationship compatibility system and dating service using a music quiz to reveal music personality and predict compatibility. The purpose is to match people who bring out the best in each other.

The Music Personality Quiz may not be reprinted without the express written permission of A Sound Match, Inc.